Valkyrjur: Behind the scenes


So Ástrós Erla, Svala Lind, Brynja Kristins and I shot for my final project at Tækniskólinn and filmed a little behind the scenes video. The photos will be up along with the website itself on the 1st of December but here is a better teaser than just posting small and small parts from upcoming photos and series, right?

Anyway, I am super sorry about all the shaking and focus/no focus action, it was my first time filming on a DSLR camera and I did it handheld, same with the editing, haven't done that to any degree in years. I just had to excuse this but you have great chill music and some pretty awesome viking/makeup/model thing going on in here so there's that.


About the shoot maybe? Yeah.
It was so much fun working with all them ladies. The theme was Valkyrjur, or Valkyries. We got amazingly great props from Sigurboði who is a member of Rimmugýgur so that was super cool! We even had skins and furs from Eggert feldskeri (Eggert the furrier).

I am really looking forward to opening the site and sharing all of this with you!
Please please let me know if you enjoy this kind of behind the scenes stuff on video because then maybe I will find it in my heart to try and get myself a proper video camera! (and the videos would get better with time, I promise you!). I am even looking at cameras right now - geeeeeesh.

This is enough for now, hope you enjoy the video despite all the shaking about and if you have any questions you can comment here below.

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