The first blawgh - and yes, in English!

Alright so here is my first official blog, the thing here below is just a tester whateversomethingsomething.
And yes, I have decided to do the blog in English but comments in Icelandic will be tolerated , haha.
I wanted to start the blog before I officially open the webpage itself (on the 1st of December) and give some behind the scenes prep and posts because I still have to shoot a lot before my semester ends in Tækniskólinn (including my final project which I am pretty psyched about) and have yet to get feedback on my final projects in Reykjavík Fashion Academy (and graduate with a big fashion show and all fancy like that).

So there is a whole lot happening in November and I decide to open the page in December - why?
One might wonder, but fear not my child, I have thought about this and most of my due-dates are in late-November and around the 1st of December, so I'm not really allowed to publish my stuff before turning it in y'know.

I kinda already know December itself is going to be slow for me photography-wise but crazy with everything else, mainly work though, but I will definitely try to squeeze some photshoots here and there around December (like my annual horrible-Christmas-card-photo which will now include Jón Atli and Lúlli so that's super fun) and even if I would have no photoshoots at all I won't stop blogging, I will at least post inspirations or ideas that I have.

I will try to keep this more on the personal-but-artistic-photography-level than the basic omg-I-went-out-to-dinner-bloggedy-like-mumbo-jumbo, well, it is a blog but you get what I mean, if you wanna follow up on my dinner plans you can either become a stalker or add me on facebook, just remember to tell me your intentions and I can update you with my eating habits daily.

Alright I am really really just blerging my way to insanity and don't know if anyone is still reading, if you are, pet on the back to ya!

I am going to finish with last years awful-but-awesome Christmas-card and I do really hope you liked reading this more than my sisters cat likes being held for a photo.
Have a good night kitty cats!

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