Behind the scenes MAN and Sunna Ben

So, I have been quite busy since last time I wrote. Can't believe it's the end of January already!

The photos from the shoot I assisted Nanna Dís with are btw online. You can view them here.

I also did one personal photoshoot which I'm finishing to process. The model was Kolfinna, a 18-year old fashion blogger from Reykjavík. 2 days after the shoot she was moving to the UK for a year as an au-pair so we were fortunate enough to meet up with her before she left.

I am sorry but I won't be posting the photos here just yet BUT here are behind the scenes photos:


The day after this shoot I did a shoot for MAN magasín. I am pretty excited to have it out and I won't be posting any of the photos yet, except for the behind the scenes photos. 
We're gonna try to have a behind-the-scenes-video as well but let's see how that goes.

I had such a great crew. Model, Sóley, from Eskimo, Ástrós Erla did the makeup, Sigrún Jörgensen was the stylist and Katrín Sif did the hair.

One photo for the wolfs:


In bunny news!
I made an Instagram account for my bunnies. Call me crazy all you want but I love taking photos of them and I should do more of it SOOOOOO this is helping with that!
The account name is @bunbunland  and we would welcome some follows!

I also photographed the oh-so-great Sunna Ben the other day. It was great fun!


I am so excited about the coming year I can't even tell you!

Until next time!

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