A blog post - finally!

Jeez, I am sorry for how long it has been since I last updated my blog. I just started a new job at Nova and it has been a little bit busy getting started there and getting into some sort of routine. 

What has been going on? You might ask but photography-wise it hasn't been much to be perfectly honest. I went to Secret Solstice to photograph for The Icelandic Festival Guide and just for the hell of it, here are the photos:

If anyone is a friend of mine on Facebook or following me on Instagram then you might have noticed me and my boyfriend (along with his family) went River Rafting yesterday and it was SO much fun!

I borrowed a GoPro from a friend of mine (Takk Tommi!) and took some photos but mostly videos. It's so weird watching the footage on the computer and I have yet to edit the video so I'll be posting photos and grabs from the video for now!
It was great fun, especially as a group of 20+ people and I would definitely recommend this to a traveler to Iceland. Our guide was super nice and funny and the water was ice cold as one might expect when going down a glacial river.
I actually felt better while in the water rather then out of it once I had been in it. My core body temperature wasn't back to normal until on the way home which was about 5-6 hours after coming out of the river, ending up with me being showing some flu-symptoms today. But I will sleep that off! 
Here are the photos from the GoPro:

I will edit the video soon enough!

One photo on the way home from my  Instagram

One photo on the way home from my Instagram

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