Photo Essay - Arna Sigríður

One of my last projects at school was to do a Photo essay, which means to tell a story with photos. For that you have to follow your subject around (if it's a person) in a non-stalkerish manner and take photos. Depending on what your subject is, you will most likely have to activate some kind of ninja-mode to blend in and not be a distraction. 
I like this kind of photography and could as well imagine sinking myself into a project like this, a story of some sort, and document it for a good amount of time.

Anyway, for my photo essay project for school I contacted the amazing Arna Sigríður Albertsdóttir. She has been in a wheelchair since she was 16 years old but doesn't let that stop her from wanting to compete in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, which she has been training for.

She has put together a video of her weekly diet and exercises and posted on YouTube:  

I really wish I could have met with her more than I did but sometimes time is not on your side.
I actually just met with her twice. The first time was at Arna's gym (Sparta Kópavogi) and I got a chance to photograph her with her trainer, Fannar Karvel.
The second time I met Arna she went horseback riding. Easter came and all of a sudden I had to hand in the photos. 

It was originally put together as a book so it will come out a little different from how I handed it in (some photos stood together and some alone) but I am happy with showcasing it like this.

I gave the book/project the name "Leiðin til Ríó" (The way to Rio) and would definitely be willing to keep photographing Arnas journey to Rio.

Birta Rán

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