Ingileif and María: A sneak peek into a new series

Ingileif and María by Birta Rán

We got a project at school where we had to brainstorm and get ideas that Samtökin '78 would be able to use on their site or just in relations with the organization.

I decided to take beautiful photos of couples, but maybe not your everyday "this is the boy and this is the girl"-kind of relationship, because to be honest not all couples are like that anymore and I think it's great that couples are slowly giving the taboo of same-sex-, interracial- or transsexual relationships the middle finger and just being who they are and loving the person they love. I really want to do something in the spirit of showing this diversity and hopefully open some eyes to the fact that we are all just human beings and we all need love as much as we need air or water.

I sought inspiration in many places but mainly from 'All love is equal' a series photographed by the very talented Braden Summers where he photographs only same-sex couples but from many different places. Where the main difference between our series lies is that I will not only be photographing same-sex couples/families but couples where one or both individuals are transsexual and even, maybe, where one person in the relationship is a drag-queen even though they are heterosexual, the idea is slowly forming and I am really open to it. 
My point is that I want to show diversity where you look at a photograph and you see a happy couple in love, whatever their sexual preference may be.
I haven't given the series a name yet but it will come.

Anyway, enough about this. I want to share with you the photos I took of the first couple I met with, Ingileif Friðriksdóttir and María Rut Kristinsdóttir. I met with them on a beautiful-but-cold Sunday afternoon. They had both just risen from bad flu but decided to help me anyway even though all of this was pro bono, taken outside in the cold, with no overcoats.
First we drove down to the docks but it was so windy that we found a small, quiet street in Vesturbær instead.
Everything went great and they were total cuties. But the photos will, of course, show you that.

Ingileif and María by Birta Rán
Ingileif and María by Birta Rán
Ingileif and María by Birta Rán
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