The North

Today I went to Skagaströnd to spend the holidays with Jón Atli's family here up in the north.
The bunnies were taken to my sisters house and she is taking good care of them.

The bunbuns

The bunbuns

I packed my camera in the back of the car but the weather, lighting and mountains were so beautiful I couldn't resist  taking a few photos. I really love Icelandic landscape and would like to be better at photographing it. Hah.
Sorry about the phone quality but I think they are nice anyway. Just a bit rough.

Since I am now officially off work for the holidays I will be posting a lot more photos of what I have been doing.
The video for Una Stef's 'This must be a dream' can be found under the 'Motion' tab. Share it if you like it. She is such a great artist.

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