One day last week I was at  my studio on Skúlagata when an older gentleman greeted me. I returned the gesture and we talked for a couple of minutes. He asked me if I was a photographer and I replied 'yes', he then asked me whether I could ever take his picture, I told him 'sure'. He showed me his paintings and drawings and I showed him my studio, then we said our farewells.

The next day I went back to the studio and saw that Gunnar had the doors of his studio open and when I walked past he just sat calmly listening to the news on the radio.
I said hello and he gestured me in, he asked my name again and I wasn't sure if he could remember me from the day before or not.
He than asked me again if I could take his picture, 'sure' I replied again thinking we had already had this conversation. 'Can you do it now?' he asked, as I was expecting the stylist, model and make-up artist to arrive minute now, I told him yes and they could just start to prep for the shoot by doing the makeup and hair whilst I photographed Gunnar.

He's not exactly the fastest man in the world but Gunnar was in my studio in just minutes, standing tall against the studio wall when he told me 'I'm ready!' 
I was putting up the lights when the girls arrived, they just started with hair and make-up while I talked to and photographed this wonderful man.

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