Happy New Year!

Hey there! I know December has been a slow month for me photography-wise and I have been lazy updating the website mainly because I really don't have anything new on the table at the moment (although I still have some photos left to put up online). 
I figured I might wanna change the way I set up the site and have maybe more alternative categories but it will stay like this for now and until I get back to Reykjavík (I am still in Skagaströnd after the holidays because of the weather). 

The school will be starting back soon I have to say that I am pretty excited about that. I am also planning on renting my own studio so there might be a lot of more personal (not just school) work on the way. I have also started to think about where to go as an understudy/intern so if you know of any good photographers (in Iceland or just where-ever) with a legit business that would/could take on an intern I would be so thankful. I just have to put together a brilliant portfolio and make things happen I guess. 

Anyway, I was going to keep this short for now, just wanted to say Happy New Year and thanks for all your support the last year (and years for some of you sweethearts). I will just keep on creating and making and hopefully inspiring. 
(It is so weird to tag this post as 2014, jeez)

Here is this years holiday photo as well, I just figured I totally forgot to post it on here so heregoes:

I am sooo looking forward to this year and I hope you all are going to be here with me!


Much love!

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