Little catching up!

Since it has been a month since my last blog-post I decided to write a post informing all of you what has been keeping little Birts so busy!


Well, first of all, my video. I got an assignment at school where we have to make a 3+ minutes long video. I decided to make a music video. It was a little more of a hassle to make a music video than I originally thought, but in the end when it all came together it looks nice and I am quite happy with it and it's safe to say that I learned a whole lot.
I'm afraid it won't go online though due to unforeseen circumstances. So sorry if I got any  of you excited about it.


Otherwise I have been finishing assignments for school so I can graduate this May. Woop!
Taking family photos, doing a photo essay, shooting with students that are learning to become hairdressers and my final project, which is a fashion shoot (surprise!) with a super cool name. Cannot wait to show you that!
Here is a little sneak since I can't keep myself together!

In other news, today a stylist I have worked with was interviewed by Lífið magazine and it featured photos I shot for her final project at Reykjavík Fashion Academy. The series won both "Best series" and "Best cover photo" out of 7 other series so that's cool!

This is it for now!
Birta Rán


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